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Dr. Nicole Hayre’s Complexion Brightening Pads are an effective blend of skin-brightening specialty ingredients and are hydroquinone free. They leave the skin with a healthy glow and deliver dramatic results. Formulated to reduce uneven skin tone and to improve clarity and brighter complexion. May be used on the face and body.

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Indication For all skin types except sensitive. Also for sun-damaged or uneven/discolored skin. Contains a cocktail of skin brightening specialty ingredients. Fragrance and paraben free.
Key Benefits
  • Also for sun-damaged or uneven/discolored skin
  • Contains a cocktail of skin brightening specialty ingredients
  • For all skin types except sensitive
  • Fragrance and paraben free
Instructions Apply twice a day. Use with a retinoid and sunscreen for best results.
Quantity 60 pads
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7 reviews for Complexion Brightening Pads

  1. Anne Joseph

    If you have sun spots you need to try this product. It is literally a miracle in a jar!

  2. Myra

    If you want brighter skin you NEED this product!

  3. Crystal

    This product is pricey but is 100% worth it! This really helped to get rid of my acne scars and my skin just has a glow that I never thought was possible.

  4. melanage

    They work great,because of 4% Hydroquinone.

  5. Lisa

    This product is a game changer. It made a noticeable difference in my skin tone and texture, giving a noticeable “glow” I received comments/compliments from people after about a week of use. I used the pads twice a day with no issues or irritation, so I finished the container of 60 pads in 30 days. The combination of the pads being powerful and effective, yet non-irritating, is fantastic, because oftentimes products that fade spots or melasma can be harsh and cause redness. This is truly a unique product that I highly recommend to anyone looking to fade acne scars or sun sots – it really works!

  6. Shannon

    These pads are amazing! For years, I have been in search of something that would help fade the spots on my face that are from sun and age. There probably isn’t a product that I haven’t tried, yet none worked! These worked in the first few weeks. I started off by using them once a day to make sure they weren’t too harsh on my sensitive skin, then worked up to twice a day. By the end of my first container, I have seen a significant fading in my spots! One in particular that has always bothered me, and I considered doing a laser on, has diminished in color. I noticed that I am using less and less concealer. Can’t wait to see how light they’ll go with my second round! I was also told my Dr. Hayre that the pads could be used on my décolletage which is awesome! After spending most of my life living near a beach, I have paid the price with sun damage. I’m excited to see something is finally helping!

  7. Tara

    I am obsessed with these brightening pads. I was having so much trouble with Melasma on my face. Under my nose, cheek bones, and forehead. Went to see her one day and my life was seriously changed. These pads work! Just like anything if you stick to the daily regime of using them it will work. Yes to spend $150.00 every 60 days seems like a lot of money, but if you think about it, it’s only $2.50 a day to brighten up you skin and take care of your health.

    THESE ARE WORTH THE MONEY! Go see her and ask questions to find out if these are right for you – but they worked for me and I noticed results after less than a week. I felt after one day I noticed them to start work.

    **She didn’t pay me to write this it’s my own honest review. If I could post pictures I would! Her stuff is amazing & I 100% stand by what I wrote.**

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