About Dr. Hayre

"I have been coming to Dr. Hayre's office for many years and the reason I do is because ...she is a skilled, experienced dermatologist who customizes a treatment just for you and then applies it with a very artistic eye. Artistry and skill is very important to me as that is what makes everything look natural. Also, her office always has the latest cutting edge technology for your entire body. She always strives to exceed your expectations" –SL, Dr. Hayre's Patient


Dr. Nicole Hayre has always had a passion for science. Dr. Hayre began working in research during her undergraduate years while attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her scientific expertise was further nurtured working in laboratories for Merck Pharmaceuticals and the National Institutes of Health.Dr. Hayre received her medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and trained at the Washington Hospital Center and Medlantic Research Institute becoming a board-certified Dermatologist. Recently, she has utilized her dermatologic training and scientific background to create Schön.

Not all skin benefits from the same treatment~ DR. HAYRE

“Not all skin benefits from the same treatment”, explains Dr. Nicole Hayre. “People must choose skin care based on their skin’s needs. Although some products are fine to use on all skin types, others are not. Someone with dispigmentation or melasma will benefit from different products than someone with redness or someone else with dry, wrinkled skin. It is important to pay attention to the description of the product and also to note which type of skin it was developed to help. If in doubt, ask your Dermatologist for guidance.”

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